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A day in the life of a Viking

Last month, I accompanied Anklebiter 1 on her class outing to Gunnes Gård, a reconstruction of a Viking farm.

We travelled a thousand years back in time by donning the clothes Vikings wore back then

And following an age-old path through the woods.

Suddenly, the air was split with the sound of a horn and a woman appeared before the old Viking gods blowing a horn.

It was a magnificent moment.

After leaving some small offerings to the gods and learning more about them, we were all given new Viking names for the day.

Living the life they lived a thousand years ago meant no electricity or phones, a lot of hard work around the farm and gardens,

Making bread over an open fire

And eating the most delicious lunch in a dim smoky old farmhouse.

When it was time to go home, the entire class groaned in disappointment.

Sometimes living life in another person’s shoes and shedding your own can be most enjoyable.

And there’s nothing like living history to really understand it.

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