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Fowl play

When I was in England this summer, we went to Brighton beach.

The seagulls there was as big as houses and as brave as lions.

These birds remind me that gulls just want to have fun.

Some of the birds flew so close you could feel their claws on your head.

In the words of Beyoncé, if you like it, you’d better put a ring on it.

The young gulls had lovely markings that made it easy for them to camouflage themselves among the pebbles of the beach.

This one appeared to be showing off by shaking his tail feathers.

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Overcoming the storm

The bird came swooping in

Over the water lilies on the pond —

Only to be met by a strong headwind

That pushed him back the way he had come.

It was a struggle to stay afloat.

He had to adjust his path to the new circumstances.

But the fight was worth it.

Soon he was flying off in the new direction life had presented him with.

We too can learn from and be inspired by the birds, don’t you think?

Dear friends, it’s finally that time of year again: my annual visit back to England to visit my family.

I’ll be away for almost two weeks, so my visits to your blogs will be a bit sporadic.

Please do pop in here every now and then as I’ll have some new posts up for you to enjoy.

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