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Trust in wings

This bird on the neighbours’ apple tree

Reminds me of that saying about

Birds not being afraid of the branches breaking

Because they trust in their own wings.

That self-confidence is the greatest gift

We can give our children.

Bird on blossom

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Cathedral of light

A rare and magnificent gift from winter:

A cathedral of light.


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A match made in heaven

They were a mismatched pair… some people said that their relationship wouldn’t last.

“Look! He’s closed and buckled down…” they whispered.

“She’s much too open and trusting!” others tittle-tattled.



But they didn’t care. Their differences were what united them – what made them special. And beautiful.

After a night of dancing and twirling, they liked nothing more than to nestle next to each other in perfect harmony.

Many thanks to the fantastic Maria-Thérèse, the girl who lives in a world of fairies and unicorns, for making these wonderful earrings for me – and surprising me with her gift.

I do love mis-matched things – be it earrings, socks or opinions.

How about you?