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Magical freezing fog

Last weekend, we had some magical freezing fog.

The dogs were covered in hoar frost,


And the little sauna house

Nestled cozily on the icy lake.


Ruby posed in the mist —

She’ll do anything for a treat! 😉


All shots taken with frosted fingers and my mobile phone.

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Floating in fog

One morning, I stepped out

Into a world of magical, freezing fog.


Standing on the top of a cliff,

It felt as if I were floating in a fairytale kingdom,


Where the reflections of the clouds

Were mirrored on the fog.


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A couple of weeks ago, we woke up to a world transformed.

Trees and boats floated out of the freezing fog

Like soft ghosts;

The path along the lake looked as if it was

Covered in cotton wool.

As I walked my daughter to the train station in the early morning,

Our spirits lifted in this new world of fog and cold.

On the way home, a golden splash of colour

Transported me into the world of Monet.

Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience. – Paul Cezanne

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Fog, framed

Quite a few of my photo albums reflect the weather.

They have names like ‘frosty fun’, ‘snow – early’, ‘November snow’ and ‘more snow than you thought possible’.

They talk about ice, chill factor freezing and long winter walks.

I don’t think it will surprise you then to learn that these photos come from the album:

Freezing fog and frostbitten fingers.

But just look at the view – those cold fingers were certainly worth it.

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Rising fog

Winter took us by surprise, marooning jetties and boats in its icy embrace.

It swept the world in its freezing cloak of fog.

Fog that tried to escape the weight of snow, the burden of ice and instead tried to dance

To where the new dawn was spreading out fingers of warm colour.

It seemed as if the ice itself was soaring upwards

To hear the heavens sing.

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