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Going back

By the time you read this, I’ll be visiting my mum in England (Sussex).


Hopefully, the rain will have cleared

And the trees will be out in full bloom.


We’re going on holiday

To Eastbourne, a town on the south coast,

So I hope to relax, spend quality time with my mum


And – of course, get some good views of the sea!

(All photos from previous trips back ‘home’.)

I won’t be visiting any of you this week, but a big thank you for popping by.


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You can be tattered, but still beautiful.

Tattered and beautiful

My father is ill so I’m in England visiting him and won’t be replying to your kind comments.

See you at the end of the week.

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Holding up the sky

Inside iron, you can find velvet;

Inside the hard, a soft centre —

And in the petal, there resides

The strength to hold up the sky.

Flower copy

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Looking for light

It’s gone ten o’clock at night

And a strange creature with camera

Goes outside looking for the light.

Strange creature

She finds it

In the heart of a flower,


In the magic

Of sunbathing leaves,


In a rainbow

Floating in the clouds


And in the beauty

Of her daughter’s face.


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Early autumn light

There is a special clarity in the light of early autumn.

It bathes roses in magical golden tones

And turns lavender into glorious purple works of art.

If you get up early enough, you can drink

The dew from shy violets

And enjoy the droplets on early morning roses.

My son loves the vibrancy of autumn leaves

And brings home some leafy sunshine every day after school

To put into a vase of water,

Crying every time the leaves curl up and die.

No better way to learn about the brevity and beauty of life, I suppose.

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Empty hands

I saw her sitting there on the upturned crate.

Old weathered face, wrinkled from some far away sun and a lifetime of experience.

Scarf on head, hobbled leg in front of her, the crutch lying on the cobbled street beside her.

It was a busy afternoon. People rushed by – her empty hat smiled hopefully up at them,

Waiting for a few coins, a smile, a look in the eyes. Anything to acknowledge her humanity.

She sat there unnoticed, just another statistic. Easily dismissed with a ‘They work in gangs to beg and don’t need the money.”

I too have been guilty of the not noticing. But not today. I felt so sad to see this old woman sitting there, invisible.

Those hands have nurtured, loved, baked, cared for others, those hands were beautiful with her love.

So, I bought a single red flower. “For you,” I said quietly while looking into her eyes filled with tears and – perhaps – a fierce joy.

I wanted to fill those hands with something lovely. A gesture to let her know: “I have seen you.”

I’m not a better person than you – I’m probably a much worse one, in fact.

But she is me. They are us.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
— Mother Teresa

I’m very happy to announce that the My World meme is continuing under the name: Our World Tuesday. In memory of Klaus, who created a great network of people from around the world and helped them to become friends.

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Beauty, revealed

Words of comfort for those in need.

Even in the darkest night a flower of hope blooms.

Humble onion thoughts

Warning! I’m having another ‘Princess Fiona’ (Shrek) moment!

Apparently, I transgressed in my last post by not using a picture of the onion flower. I apologize to all of you with green fingers and/or a sense of curiosity.

Anyway, the gentle inquiries of readers and friends triggered another ‘wise’ moment of contemplation about the humble onion. You see, the onion is the ugly duckling of the vegetable world, the Jekyll and Hyde, a Princess Fiona and ogre all rolled into one tear-making round ball of tastiness.

Meet the onion as we know it in every day life:

The humble yellow onion, or its more exuberant red cousin:

When it flowers, it really comes into its own! Like an ugly duckling transforming itself into a swan.

And my, my! Aren’t those flowers beautiful!

Truly lovely!

But the onion is not just about taste and looks: it is perky and has a great sense of humour. It is the clown of the vegetable world… Sometimes, it can transform from this:

Into this:

Don’t know about you, folks, but I’ll never look at an onion in the same way again…