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Paint me lilac

I love it when the sun sets

In dramatic purple hues

Or in soft, lilac tones.


(As you can see, the little sauna house

Is now docked next to the jetty

Leaving the beach and its views free again.)


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Purple ribbons

The sun rises —

Presenting the new day as a gift

Tied up with purple ribbons.

(Dog not included… ;-))

Purple ribbon.jpg

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Deep purple

There might not have been any smoke on the water —

We had to make do with snow and ice and lively dog.

But there was certainly some fire in the sky

In lovely shades of purple and rose.

I spied a plane flying off into the delights of a vibrant silken cloud

Made up of pink and purple and magic.

The hooded clouds, like friars,
Tell their beads in drops of rain.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Pringles sunset

A warm apricot glow finds its way through the trees and into the kitchen window. It catches my eye as I trail upstairs to bed.

I veer into the study, grab my camera and rush out into the warm, light evening – trailing kids behind.

Excited voices and laughter. The kids love leaping out of bed when they hear me running outside on a photographic adventure.

This time they are prepared. They have made a telescope out of an empty Pringles container to see the sunset more clearly.

It’s a good one, our Pringles sunset.

So good – that one is never enough and we just can’t stop (taking photos)!

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Lilac wine

Spring in Sweden is the colour purple. A riot of purples ranging from delicate pastel lilac to deep maroon.



The explosion of flowers meets its match with the dizzying fragrance of the lilac bushes as they droop under their burden of perfumed petals.

Looking up, you are surprised by the budding of the fir cones.

Purple_conesThey hang from the branches like a luscious bunch of decadent maroon berries.

And, of course, no spring – or summer – here in Sweden is complete without long, light days and sun glinting on water.


This is the sagging jetty that we share with the ducks, swans and the Canadian geese.

Now, if only the rain would keep away so that spring can keep its purple promises…

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So – what colour is YOUR spring?