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Lemon sorbet

The wild daffodils are like icy lemon bells

In the shadowed places of the woods.

Yes – it’s been a cold April!

Lemon bells.jpg

They glitter in the sunlight

Showing off their cold diamonds.


Later on in my walk,

I come across so many gold and lemon

Sparkles as the sun bounces of the ice on a fence.

(No editing needed here – these are all nature’s own sparkles.)


And finally, Simmie ‘hides’ on the path,

Hoping to pounce out at Ruby as she passes by.

(He’s a silly boy!)


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Spring bubbles

Before summer got into full swing over here,

Simson and I went out one early, dewy morning

To enjoy the happy suns of daffodils;


Dewy bubbles

On purple baubles

Dewy bubbles

And the vibrant splash

Of sunny silken petal.

Yellow copy

It was hard work for Simson to lie still

And watch me —

Just look at the concentration on his face!


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Of history, patience and flowers

On my last trip to Sussex, I visited the ancient village of Ditchling with my sister and her husband.

We started off with the historic church dating back to the 1100s.

My eye was drawn to this old cross in the graveyard.

(You can see my sister in the background patiently waiting for us to finish taking photos.)

Old cross

The graveyard had a magnificent magnolia tree

With fuzzy buds about to burst into bloom.


From the church, you get a good view of the timbered old manor house

That Henry VIII gave to Anne of Cleves.

anne of cleves house

No village is complete

Without its bright red letter box …

Letter box

And no English spring complete

Without its gardens full of daffodils.

Daffs copy

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Don’t worry about Oscar while I’m away.

He’ll be enjoying life with friends.

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Laughing in flowers

Spring sent me a bouquet of tulips

As a reminder that rays of beauty

Are also important in this modern world

Of practicality.

Or in the words of Basho:
The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers. 

Spring also sent me a wonderful reminder

To stop, to wonder

And to take the time to smell the flowers.

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