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Hallelujah chorus

A choir of glorious rays

Breaks over the English countryside.

It’s sunset

And you can almost hear the angels sing.


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Deer gazing

Autumn is a good time for the deer:

One minute you only see fields,

And the next minute, the deer are there.


Their dance is perfectly synchronized:

Eyes front …


Eyes right

(And look surprised).


Exit left

Exit left.jpg

And enjoy the golden light of autumn.

Golden gaze.jpg

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Emerald and sapphire

I was in Sussex, England, over Easter —

And one of my favourite activities is walking on the Downs.

Emerald field.jpg

There’s nothing like emerald fields

Glowing beneath a sky of sapphire,


With animals enjoying

The background of big, rolling clouds.

Cow and bird.jpg

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Rolling hill skies

I’m off to visit my parents in England.

They live in a small village

Nestled at the foot of the rolling hills of the Downs.

Golden fields.jpg

For me, the golden fields

And wide open skies

Embody the beauty of the English countryside.

Blue swirls sky.jpg

And finding two horses nuzzling each other

Is just the cherry on top of the cake.

Two horses.jpg

(I’ll be back in a week, but the Our World link will be up and running as usual on Monday evening.)

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Fields of gold

I love the rolling hills

Of the Sussex countryside,

Sky post

With its endless blue

Endless blue copy

And fields of gold

Rising to meet the welcoming sky.

Fields of gold

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England, my England

I’m still away in England, so thought it was appropriate to show you some of the sights that make me sigh.

Cream tea in a lush, green garden

And thatched cottages from a bygone era.

Cottage copy

My sister lives in a quaint old village

With lanes full of houses dating back

To Shakespeare’s time.

Old street

And last but not least, how I love

The rolling golden countryside

Of the South Downs!


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I’m still away so won’t be able to visit. Back very soon!


I had a wonderful time in England.

My camera battery died but I bought a new one.

It was cold, but I put on my thermal vest.

Golden moments touched every day with joy:

Long overdue family reunions,

Laughter and red wine

And the rolling Sussex countryside

With a sky stretching to infinity.

The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us, and we see nothing but sand;
the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone. — George Eliot

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Through frosted glasses

September became October and offered the early riser a perfect lawn of lacy grass.

Crunchy frostiness underfoot. Tingling fingers encased in long-forgotten gloves.


The ghostly ground veiled in white offered the perfect contrast to the rich colours of trees and house.


A tree laden with rowan berries – a harbinger of a snowy winter. Peeking through the branches, a shy farm displays its new roof of frost, as if to say: At last! Autumn is here!


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