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Inside look at Gothic Revival

Many of you wanted to see the inside of Lancing College Chapel (from my previous post) — so here goes!

The chapel is very tall and narrow

With a lovely vaulted roof.


At the centre of the soaring pillars

Is the famous Rose Window,

Made out of more than 30,000 pieces of stained glass.

Organ_window 2

The hallway as you enter the chapel

Has a colourful roof


And a more modern stained glass window

That was dedicated by Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 2007

In honour of a Bishop, who was a former Lancing College pupil.

Modern stained glass

I can’t let you go without showing you

The beautiful warm stone of the chapel

In the lovely green setting of the South Downs.

Sky scene copy

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Honey glow

In nature, light is the colour

And when the sun bursts through winter gloom

It makes everything glow —


Even the humble frosted bud

Glowing bud copy

And the honeyed tree,

Shining like a star.

Lone tree

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The light in the dark

Last Friday, December 13th, was a special day – the festival of Lucia.

Every year around Sweden, churches are full of music and light.


It’s a very special feeling when the lights are turned off

And the Lucia procession enters the church.


The children sing their heavenly songs,

Faces lit by candlelight only —

Spots of dancing hope in the mid-winter darkness.

Lucia tåg

As they leave the church, the sun has managed to rise

Casting its golden glow on people and building alike.

It’s a wonderful and metaphorical festival

Reminding us that no matter how vast the darkness,

We must shine our own light.

Johannes Church

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The boy with the cart

Legend says that St. Cuthman was a poor shepherd, who was forced to beg from door to door when his father died.

As his mother was paralysed, he built a one-wheel cart to bring her with him. He set off to the east and eventually, the rope he used to pull the cart broke.

He built a church on that spot. Nowadays the church is known as St. Andrew’s and St. Cuthman and can be found in Steyning (that’s in West Sussex, England), where my sister lives.

Facade copy

Not much of the original church, dating back to the 8th century, survives.

But you can get a sense of the history and workmanship

From the arches – each one has a unique pattern on it.


The heavy wooden door looks ancient too.


Outside, graves that are hundreds of years old

Are now resting places for tree roots and branches —


And there is always time for contemplation of what life is all about

Between the vitality of youth

And the wisdom of the old.

(Still in England, so may not be able to visit you all.)

St. Andrew

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Poem to heaven

The first time I saw this white wooden church

I gasped in amazement at its beauty.

Ljusterö sky copy

It started out as a simple chapel built in the 1700s —

And then in the mid-1800s, it was expanded

And the old clock tower replaced with a new one.

LJusterö front

The white wooden planking,

The delicate leaded windows —

Such simple and exquisite beauty

Iced with snow and love.

The lovely and talented RED has interviewed me. So, if you want to know more about me or my photography tips, then please do visit her and say hi. You can find her at Amazing Australian Adventures.

Ljusterö copy

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The pumpkin sky

Dawn unfurled its tender hand

To reveal a wondrous

Pumpkin sky.

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Of mist and rocks

At dawn, the old stone church  across the lake bathes in golden light —

Amazing to think that 800 years ago, someone looked at a pile of rocks

And saw how they could be transformed into something so much greater than the sum of their parts.

And as the sun sets,

Don’t ask what the meaning of the birdsong or the setting sun is,

Just enjoy the beauty and let them be.

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Two sides of love

I came across two abandoned bags on the worn steps of an old church

And stopped to wonder:

Is there anything quite as sad as loving someone who has stopped loving you?

Love lost somewhere between altar and reality,

Abandoned on church steps

Along with the rice, the scattered hopes, that once promised so much.


I saw Love up close, there in the rice on the church steps,

Worn with feet eager for love.

Bride and groom departed;

Bags left there in haste.

No time for anything but each other.

Poem inspired by Sätra Brunn Church

Delicious church

December is a time of magical snowflakes, soft candlelight, sweet songs and even sweeter gingerbread…

The Swedes love gingerbread, but not gingerbread men with their eyes of icing sugar. No, they put together simple or elaborate houses made of gingerbread, stuck together with burnt sugar and topped with hard white icing. After New Year, they hold parties where they dance around the tree to say good-bye to it and then they break the gingerbread houses made so lovingly – and eat them.

We have a new bakery in town – with the most delightful display in the window. Our old church (nearly 1,000 years old in fact) has been immortalized in gingerbread and icing sugar!

What I love about this picture is that you can see the reflection of the actual physical church in the window.

I wish you all a delightfully sweet Christmas!

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Imagination can move rocks


A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.

Antoine De Saint-Exupery



This is the Divine Temple, Hari Mandir, at the centre of the Golden Temple of Amritsar in India.