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Spring surprises

You never know what surprises spring might reveal:

A floating bench on purple-tinted water at sunset;


Three buds looking

Like small owls on a branch;


Raindrops glittering

Underneath a park bench;


And, popping up out of the field,

Camouflaged deer!

Oh deer.jpg

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Summer rain

It’s been one of the wettest summers on record

Here in Sweden.


The flowers aren’t complaining.

Wild rose

In fact, they seem to unfurl

To drink in the rain

Iris copy

While unopened buds

Are happy just to be.

My parents need some help this week, so I’m away in England again. I might not be able to visit you or reply to your comments. But please know they are much appreciated.

Dreamy bud copy

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Spring sparkles

We celebrated the spring equinox

With snow and blue skies.

Blue skies

Ice drops

Sparkled from daring buds —

Snowy buds copy


The fuzzy catkins

Looked lovely in their cold diamond earrings,

Ice drop

And the hazel flowers

Glittered in the sunlight.

Even though it was still winter on a spring day —

Those sparkly skies were beautiful and uplifting.

Hazel copy

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Spring light

Spring is all about

Flowers waiting to unfurl

And reach their full potential.

It’s about the lone wild daffodil

Growing on the shore of the lake.

It’s about the wild weeds

That are as beautiful as flowers.

(Yes – that’s Oscar in the background.)

And – most of all – it’s about

The magical light of being.

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Golden drops (or how to make a fool of yourself)

Winter has returned with ice and snow.

A couple of mornings ago, the sun was shining

And the icy drops on a rail were shining like golden pearls.

People going to catch the train wondered what on earth I was photographing

As I squatted there with my bottom up in the air.

A little while later, I took up my weird squatting position

To capture the newly-melted snow on the brave head of a crocus.

I passed a garden with a wooden fence that had holes in it.

Once again, I no doubt looked like a crazy woman as I peered

Through to see a friendly bunch of snowdrops on the other side.

Then I caught sight of a diamond shining next to some fluffy buds.

Finally, something I could photograph with grace!

(Oh, the things we do for our blogs…)

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Sipping from the cup of sunlight

At last!

The spring sun made the buds shine like pearls

In the pure blue of the sky

And turned the tulips into bowls of sunshine.


“The sun admitted…

I wish I could show you,
When you are lonely or in darkness,

The astonishing Light

Of your own Being!” — Hafiz

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