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How to photobomb successfully

Get your camera and two dogs

And walk down to the lake.

Admire the sunset with boats.


Turn away for a few seconds,

Allowing your furry friends to get into the photo.

Then click to get a sweet photobomb.


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Bring me that horizon

Misty curtains part,

Dawn appears through the cracks

With fingers of light.

Misty boat

Time to stop and gaze in wonder;

And let the busy pause.


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Viking surprise

Every year, a replica of a Viking boat

Suddenly appears on our lake.

Boat reflected

It looked very pretty

As it rested in the sunlight.

Boat in sun

A man and his son make the boats by hand

And sail them too – even as far away as to Finland and Russia (from Sweden).


I love the weathered look of the wood

And those cool dragon-shaped oarlocks.

Details copy

The heavy wooden oars and the mast

Are stored in the boat for safekeeping.

And – yes! – that’s Oscar checking the boat out.

Oscar and boat

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Living your learning

Nothing much has been happening,

But as I look back at some summer memories

I realize that moments when we have taken the time to pause,

To enjoy, to reflect and to learn —

These are the moments that make up our lives.

Life is for learning – but one’s learning must then be lived. Yusuf/Cat Stevens

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Of reflections and boats

I walked down a leafy forgotten path when I suddenly spied some boats washed up on the shore. Colours fading, lying there overlooked…

… like cast-offs or children’s toys loved and then left.


It struck me that – sometimes – boats are like people.

We might neglect them; only see the outer shell of flaking paint; forget how once those colours glowed and how they carried us across troubled waters.


What do you see when you look at that boat, that person?

Neglected, abandoned; the beauty gone? Or can you go beyond that to see the jewel that is still there, the beauty and serenity?

Look deep, my friends – because what you really see is your own reflection.

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