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Ringing ears

Our little anklebiter turned six last week.

Last year's birthday cake: a snow cake!

Last year's birthday cake: a snow cake!

Today, he shared a birthday party with one of his best friends. Nobody wanted to have 14 pre-school kids on a sugar high in their homes tearing pictures off the walls or swinging from the ceiling lamps like Tarzan and Jane (too late: this has already been done at home!) – so we did the only sensible thing – and held the party at a soft play area where they are used to kids smearing ice cream all over their hair and faces (four kids did this), screaming their heads off so that the windows shattered (all kids), throwing their juice on the floor (2 kids) and littering the floor with so  much wrapping paper that it looked as if a confetti factory had exploded (the two birthday boys).


All in all, it was a successful party.

The only problem is that my ears are ringing… but I refuse to answer!