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Making photos with our eyes

My ‘baby sis’ and I ended up on Brighton Pier one evening

While I was in England.

After a wonderful time with the kids at the amusement park,

We caught a spectacular sunset over the old West Pier.

West Pier

As we headed back to the car with the lights twinkling,

My daughter burst out, “I wish we could make photos with our eyes.”

Pier and light

Her Aunty Kata (my sister) had a brilliant reply:

“We can. They are called memories.”


(I’m away at a summer cottage here in Sweden until the weekend, so may not be able to visit you. But I do APPRECIATE all your comments!)

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Fowl play

When I was in England this summer, we went to Brighton beach.

The seagulls there was as big as houses and as brave as lions.

These birds remind me that gulls just want to have fun.

Some of the birds flew so close you could feel their claws on your head.

In the words of Beyoncé, if you like it, you’d better put a ring on it.

The young gulls had lovely markings that made it easy for them to camouflage themselves among the pebbles of the beach.

This one appeared to be showing off by shaking his tail feathers.

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On the beach

A day out at the beach

Can fill you with joy

And teach you that you need to make time for rest —

And space for play and imagination.

Even when stripped down to the bare bones,

We still have a rusty beauty.

At the end of the day,

It is enough simply to be,

And to be who we are.

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The right to be disconnected…

I want to tell you about a phone conversation my husband had with a telecommunications sales executive. Let’s call him Bill (the salesman, not my husband). From what I can gather, the conversation went something like this:

Bill: Rhubarb! Rhubarb! (General sales patter)… Have you got mobile broadband? You haven’t? Then you might be interested in our summer offer. Get mobile broadband for a trial period – 250 kronor connection charge and free for the first year. Just to see if you like it.

Husband: Sure, I’d like to give it a try, but I don’t want to pay for something that I might not like.

Bill: But don’t you want to be connected all the time, wherever you are?

Husband: Well, I’ve got wireless broadband at home, broadband at the office and Internet on my phone. I don’t need to be connected all the time.

Bill: Puzzled silence.

Husband – trying to be helpful: Sometimes it’s nice just to sit on the bus and read a book.

Bill – even more puzzled, not to say a little worried: But are you sure you don’t want to be connected 24/7?!?

Husband: Look! I’ve been working in computers for the past thirty years. Sometimes, it’s nice NOT to be connected!

Bill: Silent. Very silent. Speechless.

Husband decides to finish the call: I think I’ve wasted enough of your time. Have a good evening!

Don’t know about you – but sometimes it is essential to do something else – something offline. Like talk with your kids, read a book, sing a song, talk with a friend, be at peace for a while to calm the noise of the day.

I agree that mobile broadband is great if you want to work outside the box – on a park bench, on a beach, or anywhere that inspires you – to do your best. At work.

However, just now and then, very occasionally, when you’re on the beach, it is great just to be on the beach. With a book. The waves. Family or friends.

And sometimes, you can even go to the beach, not to work or to surf the Internet – but to surf the waves.

Believe me – it is essential for your well-being.