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Playing along

pears1It’s not often I play cyber tag as I’m usually exhausted from chasing the anklebiters around all day. But as I was wondering what to post, a game of tag seemed the ideal way not to have to think too much to work off some of that Easter chocolate! (OK! I confess  – there were some teeny tiny choccie eggs pouting at me in the pantry, begging me on their bare knees to be enjoyed! Who could resist such a challenge?)

I feel myself sliding away on the slippery slope of red herring-dom. So – to business! The very talented Maria-Thérèse of afiori snagged me in her silver net of charming notebooks and photos. The stuff she sells is just darling!

But wait – where is that tag and why is it itching my neck?

Five things I’m looking forward to:

  • Shared moments of joy.
  • Finishing off my next textbook and seeing it in action in schools.
  • Delivering a brilliant translation of a book that looks at developments in the developing world.
  • Having a day in pajamas.
  • An end to poverty.


Things I’ve done over the past few days:

  • Admired two grass snakes swimming and a couple more lazing around in the garden.
  • Had my peace shattered when a neighbour suggested we kill the snake near her house. (We didn’t, of course!)
  • Had a terrifying Hitchcock moment when a bird went wild inside the house.
  • Entertained a huge bunch of wild children. (Where do they all come from? And who are they, anyway?)
  • Ate home-made Polish apple cake. (And yes – you’re so right! I did not make it!)
  • Sneaked downstairs to watch an episode of Life on Mars – superb!


Things I wish I could do:

  • Make the world a happier place.
  • Speak at least a hundred languages.
  • Travel in time and space and dimension.
  • Slide down a rainbow.
  • Put laughter in a bottle and give it out to people when they need it.
  • Wear stars in my hair.
  • Invent a new season.
  • Cook?

All the photos in this post belong to Maria-Thérèse and are taken from her site at afiori.