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It’s amazing how much a sky – and a beach –

Can change in the space of a day or two:

From cloudy drama


To the joyfulness

Of dogs frolicking

In a glorious sunset.


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The Feather Islands

During the school holidays, the kids and I went to Fjäderholmarna —

Or in English, The Feather Islands.

As the boat left Stockholm, we passed the city’s most famous crane

Painted as a giraffe. (It’s near the funfair.)


After half an hour, we arrived on the island

And visited a local café.

We followed the sign and started off the day with ice cream…

Eat dessert

The island has a strong tradition of fishing,

And one of the boathouses was decorated

With the fearsome skulls of pike.


My two small adventurers

Discovered many places to explore.


We visited the local glassblower

And admired a work in progress,

Glowing like a jewel.


Tired and happy, we returned home on the boat

Under a dramatic sky.


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Viking spirit

Do you remember when we went rowing with God a few weeks ago? And it turned out that the gods in questions were, in fact, two men dressed up as Vikings?


Although dressing up as Vikings is not really a good way of describing their way of life.

They breathe, act and live as Vikings! For the older man that you can see at the front of the boat, Viking is a way of life. He has built seven or eight copies of a thousand-year-old Viking boat that was found here some years ago. Some of his boats, like this one above, are used to take passengers around the lake. Others are made exactly to scale and are seaworthy.


Like this one, which I spotted half-hidden among the reeds. The young man (standing in the water in the first photo) has also inherited the adventurous Viking spirit. When I talked to him, they had just come back from sailing this boat to Finland. And their next adventure is sailing off to Russia.

Quite a long way when all you have is a sail and some oars. I believe the hull is made of fibre glass rather than wood, but it is still a long way to go – just sleeping out in the open or under a cover on the bottom of the boat.

Who said Vikings didn’t exist? Long live the Viking spirit!

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