A couple of weeks ago, I was at my brother’s wedding

And enjoyed layers of love.

(This is my favourite shot from the day – just after the wedding ceremony was finished.)


At the end of the day, I went for a lovely walk

And met these newly shorn creatures, who had just lost their layers of fur.

They seemed to be saying, “Alpaca my bags and come along with you.”


And, finally, the sunset did not disappoint

As I enjoyed the little village

Nestling in layers of gold.

Layers both conceal and reveal the beauty within.


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The circle of life

Those of you who follow my dog, Oscar, or me on Facebook already know that Oscar is no longer with us.

Sunrise with Oscar copy

We had to say good-bye to our dearest friend on Friday as his osteoarthritis left him unable to walk.

After so many years of unconditional love from him, it was our turn to show him our love and let him go.

Stately copy

He dived into his last sunset at the vet’s on Friday morning, surrounded by so much love. (He was nearly 12 years old.)

He fell asleep peacefully in my lap, with the rest of his family at his side.


I know he touched the lives of so many of you – even though you had never met him.

It warms my heart that you could see his gentle soul through my photos.

Sugarface copy

It’s a measure of the love he shared and the life he led – that he connected with so many people around the world.

Run copy

He lived fully in every moment; he loved widely and generously.

That’s the best way to live — and his best legacy.


Please forgive me if I don’t visit you this week. But I want you to know that your warm wishes and love are a source of comfort to us.

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He ain’t heavy – he’s my brother

My children.

They make my life complete.

And my daughter turned twelve a few days ago… Sigh – they grow up too fast, don’t they?

I’m off to the little cottage by the sea again – HURRAY! – so won’t be around to visit you all. Back in a few days.

He ain't heavy copy

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Blue sky joy

We’re still at the charming cottage with the garden sloping down to the sea

And a private jetty inviting us to swim.

Swim 1

Each morning starts with a jump of joy

Under the blue jay skies of summer.

The day rushes by quickly when you’re having fun in the water.


(I only have a slow Internet connection so won’t be around much to visit you. Hope you’ll understand why!)

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Singing in the sun

My daughter is singing at The Royal Wedding today, Saturday, with her class.

(Princess Madeleine, second daughter of the King and Queen of Sweden, is marrying New Yorker, Chris O’Neill.)

Yesterday, she was all geared up for the dress rehearsal

And in a happy mood.

Of course, Oscar had to escort her to the station

To make sure she got to the church on time.


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As you can imagine,it’s a busy weekend so please excuse me if I don’t get round to visiting you.

UPDATE: If you’re interested in seeing the class’ performance, then you can see a short video here.

Sunny side up

I’ll be England by the time you read this

(So won’t be visiting you all as frequently as usual).

My sister has warned me that there will be plenty of rain.

Weather aside, I’m sure there will be plenty of time for play and laughter —

As long as we remember that we all carry a piece of sunshine within.

Make each day your masterpiece. — John Wooden

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Signs of love

A wave of guerrilla goodness has been sweeping my world.

Last week on my way to work, the entire square was plastered with words of encouragement:

“Your smile lights up the world!” and “Have a lovely day!”

This one made me laugh. “Your mother loves you!”

And this weekend, as I was shivering on the path by our lake,

I spied a heart drawn in the earth.

The next day, I was walking in the woods in a snow blizzard

When I caught sight of this heart planter hanging from a tree.

My spirits lifted immediately!

But my favourite signs of love

Are always these treasures: my kids.

And with that, I wish my compassionate and lovely son a Happy 9th Birthday.

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I try not to bore you with photos of my kids.

I realize that while I think they are works of art, you probably do not.

But indulge me today.

My daughter enters the world of double digits – she turns 10 on Tuesday.

And that is excuse enough for some self-indulgence on my part.

My angel, my daughter – so full of music and song and laughter.

Sometimes when I think I’m teaching her all about life,

I realize that she (and her brother) are, in fact, teaching me.

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Jumping for joy

My niece has come over from England for a month.

One of the first things she wanted to do was to enjoy

The spectacular sunset.

Mission accomplished!

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Historic sights

Last week was spent visiting family in England, in an old village with roots going back to the time of the Anglo-Saxons.

The High Street was full of surprises.

A rusty weather vane reminded me of myself

And pointed the way to an old clock tower, now a faded home to pigeons.

I ambled down pretty side streets until I spied a wooden entrance next to an old church.

I peeked through a hole in the wood to snap these 200-year-old graves.

A moment of contemplation. A reminder to appreciate the living.

So, I turned homewards to family – to another historic sight.

This is me (the small normal one?) with my three siblings.

It’s been four years since we are all together in the same place.

As you can see, our parents are so proud that they raised four well-balanced and sane kids!

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