Spring surprises

It’s still very chilly, but in sunny corners

You can find a sea of crocuses.

And in the secret places in the forest,

There are tiny houses for tree spirits.

But the biggest surprise of all

Has to be Ruby, Dame of Thrones.

For more spring or autumn surprises, please visit: Our World and Skywatch.

43 thoughts on “Spring surprises

  1. The dogs steal the show again today, Fiona, especially Ruby is aesthetically pleasing again. Those houses for the tree spirits are also very nice.

    Here the crocuses have already finished flowering, but since this morning we have been in very cold wind from the polar region, which brings hail and snow showers for the coming days.


  2. OMG, those little tree houses are SO cute!!!! In fact, I’d like to live in one. LOL!

    And yes, Ruby most definitely looks like quite the “Dame” in her throne! 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing the cuteness, my friend. Enjoyed!

    Have a superb week!


  3. Your dogs look resplendent as ever. Spring has definitely arrived, even if we did have some snow-flurries this morning.


  4. Those fairy houses are so cute! If you have crocuses you aren’t all that far behind us in my part of the Northeast United States. Spring is here!


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