Feeling peachy

Minus 20 C brings out the best in the sky:

Veils of peach and pastel decorate the dawn.

The sun looks honey-warm —

But looks can be deceiving.

Somehow, Ruby leaps up onto the hay bales without me even noticing;

The cold snow a carpet of diamonds at her feet.

For colours, please visit: Our World and Skywatch.

67 thoughts on “Feeling peachy

  1. “Minus 20 C brings out the best in the sky.”

    You said, my friend! It’s absolutely breathtaking! The color you captured is truly amazing.

    LOVE the pics of Ruby! I must have been a dog in past life because that’s how am about the cold and snow. I don’t even notice it. 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty, Fiona! Have a spectacular week!


  2. Beautiful. I love all of those pastel early morning winter colors….

    Your Pups love the snow and cold as much as I do (although we don’t get much snow here)…



  3. I love that Ruby is oblivious to the cold! We had some minus temperatures here this weekend and thankfully it will be warming up a bit during the week.I always worry that my house pipes will freeze and burst when it gets so cold


  4. So beautiful! (But I am happy experiencing it through your eyes only)! Our Colorado kids have a new puppy who is pure white … he will get lost in their snow, unlike the beautiful contrast of your pups!


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