50 thoughts on “Snowy daze

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I LOVE the snow! 🙂

    And for all the reasons you mentioned. I also love snow because of how it muffles the sound of things. Everything seems quieter and more peaceful.

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of my favorite season, my friend! Gorgeous photos!

    Have a terrific week!


  2. Hello,

    Pretty winter scenes. I do love the snow in your photos. Cute furbaby! Take care, have a great new week!


  3. If only I was on PEI for my Granddaughter’s [who I haven’t met yet] first birthday, or in Austria visiting my second son, I would have enjoyed magical snowy scenes like this. One day! Thank you for sharing these wondrous, snowy scenes.

    Yes, I love the snow but my husband always sees the negative impact. [Helen]


    1. Snow is so pretty. i am anxiously waiting for some snow around here. Oh we have a little, but it is dirty by now.


  4. Maybe I would love snow if I would be living where you live, but here if or when it snowsit’s just a few cm and the white turns quickly to black in the city. Onlly the gardens look nice. Your pictures are beautiful !


  5. I do love the first snows when they’re powdery and don’t turn frigid. It’s so clean and makes everything look much brighter. Love the snow stars on the furbaby. Beautiful photos.


  6. snow in countryside/nature is great, snow in a city (at least mine) is a pain in the neck :-). lovely photos. all beautiful and pure.


  7. Lady Fi – I am glad you finally got some of the white stuff. I love it – it covers up a lot of ugliness in the world, and waters the pretty parts! Lovely photos.


  8. I was just trying to remember when I last saw snow – it was a long time ago. But it does bring the childish sense of fun out don’t you think? Your dogs seem to love it to, beautiful photos
    Wren x


  9. Since I have retired I have rediscovered the magic of a snowfall. When I was working it just caused me stress. Now I can just enjoy it.

    Beautiful photos you have here.


  10. Snow has a special look, and even (maybe it’s my imagination) a smell when it comes down. I like the various textures it can have. That was a nice snowflake on dog capture; snowflakes are so amazing. To me it’s hard to believe no two are the same.


  11. Ja absolut! Hellre snö som lyser vitt än regn och rusk som gör att dagarna känns grå. Vi kan verkligen inte klaga över en snöfattig vinter den här säsongen 🙂 Härligt!!


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