Amazing greys

According to the Met Office, we haven’t had a single hour of sunshine in all of December.

But there is still subtle beauty in the grey:

In the ducks socially distancing on the lake;

In the heron enjoying the music of the rain;

And in the pink blossoms

Still blooming in the warmish, wet winter.

All photos taken with my mobile phone.

For more beauty, please visit: Our World and Skywatch.

51 thoughts on “Amazing greys

  1. Oh my, these images are stunning, Fiona! My very favorite kind of day…grey, misty/foggy…love them! While many find them depressing, I find them comforting and so peaceful.

    Love the pink blossom too! One day last month as I was walking through one of our parks, I spotted a bright pink/red rose in the middle of all the Autumn foliage. It was beautiful!

    Have a fantastic week, my friend! 🙂

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  2. no sun in all of December – on my! – is that normal?. However, as you say, there can be beauty in grey. I loved the contrast of the pink blossom. Enjoy your week and stay safe.

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  3. The kind of days for hot chocolate or just being lazy when we have grey days here. We have had some sunshine, but still dreary. Beauty in the flower though to brighten the day.

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  4. oh my, even Belgium had some sun in December 😉 (and we southerners always complain about Belgium weather). but true, beauty can be found everywhere.

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  5. There is beauty all around over Winter no matter what colours are in front of us, if I could I’d swap with you in a second it’s way too hot here.

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  6. Beautiful shots, especially the bloom.
    My parents used to live in southeast Idaho. Their winters were very gray, like no horizon gray. The snowy ground merged with the skies. Day after day. The sunny days were glorious though. I could see the tops of the Teton Mountains in Wyoming from my parents driveway on those days.

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  7. That is even more gray than December was here in Oregon (or more amazing, if you have the optimism and talent that you do). Beautiful pictures, and kudos for the perfect post title!


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