Now is the time of short days —

Where often the sun hides behind grey clouds.

December is still looking green here – with a splash of gold!

The dogs are very patient when posing…

I even managed to snap their reflections (on my mobile phone).

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40 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Hello,

    Pretty views of the lake and your sweet dogs. They are posing nicely. Wishing you a happy day and a great new week!


  2. Love the reflection shots – and your grey and beautiful days.
    We are so often rain deprived that I tend to view a grey day without rain as a waste. Thank you for reminding me that they too are beautiful.


  3. “December is still looking green here – with a splash of gold!”

    Same here, Fiona! I was walking through one of our parks over the weekend, taking photographs of the remainder of the Autumn leaves when I spotted a bright pink rose on a bush. Can you believe that?!?

    Beautiful shots! Love the reflections. The one of the dogs is BRILLIANT!

    Have a grrrreat week, my friend!


  4. I thought maybe you meant the dogs were patiently waiting for it to snow! They are gorgeous in any weather though! And so are their surroundings!


  5. Beautyful pictures !! I like the two sitting there and waiting that you finish taking pictures ! My friend had a golden Retriever and we loved each other so much ! Sometimes I thought he agreed with me making fun behind the back of my friend,, lol !


  6. Yes, Lady Fi – living far North means very short days. I find lighting candles helps me overcome the occasional gloomy thoughts that come with the darkness!


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