Razzle dazzle

November is often grey —

But sometimes it delights with its lilac razzle dazzle!

It tried to snow over the weekend,

But we’re hoping for more. Much more.

A leaf waits patiently on the clothes line

For a winter storm to blow it on its way.

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43 thoughts on “Razzle dazzle

  1. Ruby and Simmie look contented though they must be cold.

    You know I love the cool colors, lilac, pink, and purple.

    I wish I had a clothes line, Fiona. The homeowners association here frowns upon it in our area, but sometimes I “cheat” and hang items from a tree branch where they are not visible. Thanks for sharing the beauty! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hello,

    Razzle dazzle indeed, what a pretty view and gorgeous colors. Your dogs are adorable.
    Take care, have a happy new week!


  3. You and I (and Simmie and Ruby) are all wishing for more white. I’m shivering just thinking of a plunge in the frigid lake. I love the leaf photo. Soon your wash will freeze on the line!


  4. “It tried to snow over the weekend,

    But weโ€™re hoping for more. Much more.”

    Me too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Last year we only got one snowfall and it didn’t even stick.

    OUTSTANDING images, Fiona! I especially love the leaf caught in the clothes line.

    Have a superb week, my friend!


  5. I love the fact that even your dogs look disappointed it has not snowed! Love the colours (as usual!)

    Cheers – and stay safe – Stewart M – Melbourne


  6. Is the puppy swimming? Bet they love running through the snow, and will be great pictures of them with snow as backdrop. They’re so pretty. Beautiful purple sky and coloring.


  7. Nice to see these photos full of colour, especially the first one is great.
    Here in the northern part of the Netherlands november was awful grey again. I hope foto a real winter, after a long time finally again.


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