November mellow

Come join me on a lovely walk.

November has its own misty beauty —

Sometimes grey; sometimes full of

Beauty and colour.

Let’s not forget to admire the handiwork of the beavers around the lake.

They’ve been busy!

For more mellow moments, please visit: Our World and also Skywatch.

40 thoughts on “November mellow

  1. Hello,

    Since I love teh dogs, the second photo is my favorite. The beaver has been busy. Beautiful photos! Thanks for hosting. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a great week!

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  2. Fiona, these are my favorite kinds of days. I love a day with an overcast (a fog, a mist). I find them not only beautiful, but calming and relaxing. Perfect day to make some nice hot soup!

    Gorgeous images! Thanks so much for sharing the beauty, my friend! Have a grrrreat week!

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  3. Such a joy to join you on this misty walk. The beavers have most certainly been busy. Such a big tree. I wonder where they will take it? and how many were working on it? [Helen]

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  4. Lady Fi – the buoys in the water make that pic really special, and then I scroll down further and see your model! Wow! And the beaver – that is quite a tree to take on!

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  5. Looking at the bottom cutting of the tree, I thought someone axed the tree! I couldn’t believe easily it’s beaver’s work. Great shots of nature.
    Tale care

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