A dawn of hope

Like a lot of you – I breathed a sigh of relief after the US elections.

It was with a lighter step that I took an early morning walk along the lake.

The wooden walkway promised a lovely view.

And the sunrise did not disappoint —

Although the patient doggies seemed to be wondering

Why they had to stop and pose yet again. ๐Ÿ™‚

For more beautiful views, please visit: Our World and Skywatch.

72 thoughts on “A dawn of hope

  1. Love your photos, but disagree with your belief that the US election is over… the fuss over the fraud has just begun. Biden claims he won, but reality doesn’t support that. It isn’t legal for the dead and/or non-citizens to vote and several thousand did. Once the hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots are thrown out (yes, there is a way to tell the legal ones from fakes) I think we’ll learn that Trump won in a landslide.
    I, for one, dare to hope the election fuss is done by Christmas.

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      1. You’ll eventually wake up and realize that Trump has been accused of the crimes others committed… there is plenty of evidence if you’re open to looking for it instead of listen to ‘the news’, which is so filled with falsehoods that it is almost upside down.


      2. No, it will never happen that I will wake up one day and feel differently about that man. Sounds like you might be reading “alternative facts” made popular by them. The evidence is overwhelming that he is a crook and always has been one. You can research back in time for decades – he is still the same lying cheat he always has been.


  2. GORGEOUS images, Fiona! The colors you captured of the sky are stunning!

    Once again, I thank you for sharing the beauty, my friend! And have a faaaaaabulous week! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Exquisite shots! I believe the naysayers here should accept the fact that Americans are not willing to virus-die/democracy-die under Trump. We have our problems with Dems, but now we’re going to live — and still be free — to work back better.

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  4. Beautiful images – such a lovely new day.
    As you see in the comments, not everyone is pleased with the outcome of the election, but DT has NEVER won the popular vote, even in ’16. That’s why the electoral college has got to go. In these days of computers, it is an archaic and outdated system. I won’t rest easily until Jan. 20!

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  5. Your doggies must be so used to you posing them, and waiting for you to finish taking your photos. Another exceptional sunrise. Yes the world feels a little lighter. Stay safe and enjoy your week.

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  6. I join you breathing more easily. It’s sad that nothing can shake the belief of some, but I rejoice in seeing people laughing and dancing in the streets. We still have a perilous 10 or so weeks to get through, though. I love your post! I absolutely love the colors and feelings!

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  7. Your doggies are so handsome and ‘steal the show’ ~ Gorgeous scenic shots ~ ^_^

    Yes most of us breathed a sigh of relief after the election ~ but crazy Trump is at it again ~ he is not good for the USA or the world and scary that people support his unfounded allegations ~ or even voted for him~ concerned what the USA could become if left in the wrong hands ~ sigh.

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

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  8. Love that theyโ€™re resting on a bench! …..Thanks for being happy for us. But hold that sigh and your breath until January 20. Under our weird system (outdated Constitution) the blankety blank current President still holds the office until Inaguration Day in late January, I just hope we survive until then. We celebrated (quietly) last weekend and then reality set in. Still at least now there is hope!


  9. Hi Lady Fi, Speaking as an American, I love this post! ๐Ÿ™‚ The past 4 years my government has been pursueing an agenda that America is somehow better than the rest of the world. Finally the American people have realized how false that agenda is and we have chosen new leadership. I am looking forward to greater cooperation as equals with all the rest of the world. Thank you for sharing and best regards from Seattle! John


    1. No one country is better than another. We are all different, but need to
      work together to make the world and environment better for all its citizens.


  10. Lady Fi – yes, a sigh of relief. Of course, now the hard work begins. I, for one, am forever an optimist that, if we can just listen to each other and seek understanding, we can find a way forward that works for most. And that is what these skies represent to me!


  11. Such a beautiful morning captured by your talent! I haven’t really breathed in relief yet; while the current administration in the White House is going to be leaving on January 20th, I don’t trust its leader to go quietly or play by any rules. He’ll likely continue to sow discord and distress in any way he can.


  12. Wow โ€“ the colors of your sky are outstanding, you live in beautiful surroundings. I am still registered in Atlanta and had to drive twice from Nashville there (1000 miles) to vote because my absentee ballot was lost โ€“ but I did not mind. Now I have to drive back for the senate run-off. Of course quite a few Georgians are unhappy or believing that huge frauds happened (one of them came on my blog and posted a nasty comment) as they are upset, poor souls. They keep on believing the lies.


  13. Thank you so much. Re-posted on Twitter and tried my own way to bypass what appears to be a Facebook ban on your website. Disgusted by Facebook policy which excludes you!


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