Autumn vibes

It has been warmish. (I’m still taking ticks off the dogs.)

But the geese are flying away – disappearing like autumn leaves.

Their cries are the trumpets of autumn

While vibrant trees admire their own reflections.

For more good vibes, please pop in and say hello at: Our World and Skywatch.

49 thoughts on “Autumn vibes

  1. Hello,

    Beautiful reflection and views! A warmer fall is nice, the color are beautiful. Wishing you a great day and a happy new week!


  2. Same here, Fiona, it’s been warmish. Looking forward to a nice cold snap! 🙂

    GLORIOUS photographs! Love the reflection! It brings me great joy to see Autumn’s colors in your area. STUNNING!

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty, my friend! Have a super week.


  3. I love that – autumn leaves admiring their reflections – and gorgeous shots of autumn too. Stay safe and have a good week


  4. Awesome Fall photos. I was pretty lucky this year our tick invasion seemed to be less than other years, and Razzy had none, and I did have one on me early in the Spring. However, I found him quickly so no bite. Hate ticks. Happy Tuesday.


  5. Exquisite Autumn! I could gaze at the reflection one for hours. Beautiful! ….. I guess no ticks on the dogs will be one benefit of the winter weather to come.


    1. Lady Fi – ticks make me shiver. I am surprised they are still around at this time of year … thanks for distracting me with your geese and the lovely colors!


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