Bowls of sunshine

A visit to the Botanical Gardens is like visiting

An artist’s house – with Nature wielding the paintbrush.

My favourites are the huge Amazonian lily pads –

So bright, so big and full of sunshine!

The edges of the pads

Shimmer like stained glass windows in the water,

Amid the reflected sky.

(Started work again so only posting once this week.)

For more bowls of sunshine, please visit: Our World and Skywatch.

63 thoughts on “Bowls of sunshine

  1. Så vackert – det är som en strålglans av värme i bilderna. Som troende ser jag Guds verk i dina bilder- “Se på liljorna på ängen. De arbetar inte och tillverkar inga kläder. Ändå försäkrar jag er, att inte ens kung Salomo i all sin prakt var så vackert klädd som de. ” (utdrag ir Matteus 6:25-30)
    Tacl Lady Fi för dina bilder ❤


  2. Each and everyone of these photographs are FAB-U-LOUS, Fiona!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the one of –“The edges of the pads

    Shimmer like stained glass windows in the water.”

    Brilliant reflection shot!

    As always, thank you so much for sharing the beauty, my friend. Have a terrific week! 🙂


  3. I love those Lilly pads, we have a tropical green house in our botanic gardens that has some.

    Hope all is well. Stewart M – Melbourne


  4. “An artist’s house – with Nature wielding the paintbrush.” Just beautiful words and images! [Helen]


  5. Hello,

    The garden visit was wonderful, beautiful captures of the lily pads. The flower is lovely too. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a great week!


  6. Lady Fi – love the fact that this post “features” this plant, and shows all its spectacular angles. I did enjoy thinking of you, probably crouching down on the ground to get some of these shots. Simply superb in every way.


  7. “A whole lotta love” , I’d say or sing or simply gyrate in spasms at these natural canvases of colour, shapes and silhouetted lines. Shear poetry is nature’s brush. It brings you home wherever you may be; dare I say, ‘grounded’. This I know, as your photographs teach or preach the gospel of Mother Earth. Good shtufffs, you.


      1. That’s what I just said. Smiles with delight. You know me I can’t just say, “nice, or beautiful”. I must express with extreme velocity, as dictated by nature, smiles again.We are more connected to our surroundings then we know. I do believe, the stories told in your photographs are novels of pure expression. Yes am dorky.


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