53 thoughts on “Bee food

  1. Haha … bee-autiful, indeed! How marvelous that bees, unlike many bugs, don’t destroy the flower to enjoy its fruits and instead assist in creating more for everyone to enjoy.


  2. Fiona, this is ADORABLE! Love the photo of Ruby with the dandelion on her head! She looks like she stepped out of the 1960’s. Flower Power!

    Thanks for sharing both the beauty and humor, my friend!

    Have a BEEEEEEEEEE-UTIFUL week! πŸ™‚


  3. Oh how I love TULIPS… What a great picture…. AND Ruby just makes me smile…. So adorable, even if I am NOT a fan of Dandelions….ha



  4. Hello, love the pretty tulips. It is always great to see your pretty Ruby and Simmie. Thanks for hosting Our World. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!


  5. It all works! (All except acres of grass sprayed until no bee food can grow. We hate that). Simi looks happy with her dandelion jewelry.


  6. How wonderful. I suspect Ruby is a bit like Oliver in that they both put up with us taking photos of them and occasionally putting flowers on their head. I hope both pups are well (and you too of course). I didn’t see many tulips this year, thank you for the photo.


  7. The dandelion on your doggie’s face is very funny! Fi, I don’t see the linky list for Our World Tues.
    (it could be our connection, since we live at 3000 feet, but I’m just making sure).


  8. ah spring – the best time of year – bring on the bees – we need them. Take care and have a great week.


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