42 thoughts on “Bee-autiful

  1. Bee-autiful is right, Fiona! These shot are not only beautiful but also so sweet. I love bees. I think they are so cute!

    Sending lots of positive energy your way, my friend. Be well, and have a super week! 🙂


  2. Hello, they are pretty blossoms and bee-autiful photos. Take care! Have a great day and happy new week!


  3. Truly beautiful.
    I have been seeing it as a VERY bright Covid 19 spot that nature is often doing very well (and even recovering) in our relative absence.
    I hope your healing is going very well.


      1. Sorry Fi! Hope the break will heal soon:) There’s no right time for this to happen, but hope you’re not working right now?


  4. One of the best things I’ve learned in just the past few years is the difference between bees and their evil cousins. Now I want to pet bees. But I don’t, of course.


  5. This time certainly has given us more of an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature around us, and the simple pleasures of life. Take care. Wishing you well for your recovery.


  6. Lovely and life affirming, LF. I’m pretty sure layering the ground with used gloves isn’t doing the earth any good.


  7. Lady Fi – I am extremely passionate about our environment, and there is no question that what we have done to our planet has led to our current crisis! I hope your recovery is proceeding well, and as always, your photos are inspiring!


  8. Så fantastiska bilder. Ja vi måste verkligen värna om våra insekter. Vi har ett par bihotell i trädgården och försöker plantera växter som passar och kan komma till användning för bl. a våra bin. SÅ viktigt! Och kanske nu mer än nånsin! Krya på dig med armen 🙂 Och trevlig Valborg!


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