Wisteria time

My mum lives in a small village in England

And she tells me the wisteria is flowering early.

Here are some photos I took a couple of years ago.

What lilac beauty!

Arm operated on — now have a metal plate and some screws.

Thanks for your comments, but won’t respond in kind as too slow and painful to type with only one hand.

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45 thoughts on “Wisteria time

  1. A beautiful time of year here in England, even though we can’t get about as I would like this April. Get better soon and take care.


  2. Hello, the wisteria is so pretty. Lovely blooms and photos. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy healthy new week!


  3. 😦 Ow. Husband’s doc had me apply his mixture of sugar + povidone-iodine (Betadine) twice a day with Q-tips to the exterior pin sites, though I’m not sure if your screws are the same. At any rate, we had no problems, his ROM is good, and don’t be tempted to answer this, ever! Just hang in there and know you are in our thoughts. Your photos as always are wonderful and so peaceful. (And, if you’ve never looked up the meaning of wisteria, give it a look. I think you’d enjoy it.) ❤


  4. Hi, Glad to hear that you are coming along well after your surgery—and hope you will continue to improve… Just take it easy!!!!!

    We don’t have much Wisteria in our area up here on the mountain –but the state of Georgia has TONS of it….



  5. Oh no, I wish you a speedy and as painless a recovery as possible, Fi. That has to really suck for you. I love these photos, their beauty sticks in my mind.


  6. OMG, Fiona, not only are these photographs EXQUISITE, but I can literally smell that wisteria! 🙂


    So happy to see you back, my friend! Be well and don’t worry about commenting. Just take care of yourself.


  7. Lovely to see these wisteria photographs.
    Sending my good wishes for your healing and recovery after your arm operation.

    All the best Jan


  8. I just knew that photo had to be England somewhere. That must have been a very nasty break to require a plate. Hope you don’t spend too long in plaster.


  9. Lady Fi – glad you made it safely through surgery! This wisteria is so perfect – I can only imagine how many years and how much faithful pruning got it to this stage! Thanks for sharing this beauty – I am sure that it perked up more than one person today! Good luck with your ongoing recovery.


  10. The wisteria is absolutely gorgeous on that old cottage wall. Makes me homesick for England. But sadly it looks like I won’t be visiting this year.


  11. I came here to know what’s wrong with you. Hope and pray you feel much much better with your arm soon. Wisteria blooms earlier than usual here, too. I’ve never seen how the blooming wisteria clusters adorn the architecture like these in my country.

    Yoko alias stardust


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