Parisian memories

I was supposed to meet up with good friends in Paris, but it was not to be.

So here are some memories from my last visit.

Dazzling skies,

Church windows making rainbows,

Glorious murals and stained glass roofs.

I’ve broken my arm and am getting it operated on, so won’t be visiting you this week.

Please make sure to swing by Our World and Skywatch.

42 thoughts on “Parisian memories

  1. You have a hopeful vision, seeing rainbows on a church floor and remembering an earlier Paris visit. Sorry to hear about your arm, Fiona.

    Best wishes for a swift and full recovery.


  2. Wow…what a beautiful and diverse selection of Parisian images, Fiona! The way you caught the sunlight in that first photo is gorgeous! And I LOVE that mural!

    Once again, thanks for sharing the beauty, my friend. And have a lovely week! 🙂


  3. Beautiful shots.. I love seeing all of the colors from the church windows…. Beautiful.

    Good Luck with your surgery… Take care.


  4. Your Paris memories remind me of mine …. but your captures of the city are uniquely more beautiful. Sorry to hear about your arm, Fiona. Wishing you good health and a speedy recovery.


  5. Hello, beautiful memories of Paris! Your photos are wonderful. Love the mural and stained glass. So sorry about your arm, sending you healing prayers. Take care! Enjoy your day, have a great new week!


  6. I am so sorry to read about your arm and it sounds like a bad break. I hope the operation goes smoothly and your recovery is quick, complete and painfree.
    Thank you so much for sharing your glorious memories.


  7. All so beautiful, but I couldn’t help think, “Stop touching your face.” The stained glass roof on the floor is heavenly.


  8. Ugh, speedy healing! What a crappy time to have a break that needs mending! – love your photos… better days ahead


  9. ah beautiful Paris. So sorry to hear about your accident. What rotten luck. I hope your operation goes well and you heal well. I am in a moon boot for 6 weeks, so I can sympathize with you. Take care.


  10. Hopefully everyone will be well soon and a visit will still be in the near future. Great photos. Love the rainbow floor. Hope you heal quickly from your arm. 🙂


  11. Happy memories with many more to be made in the future. I am sorry to read of your broken arm. I send healing vibes from Down Under. [Helen]


  12. Lady Fi – so many are losing out on planned vacations with family and friends. As you know, we had planned a trip to Grand Cayman in May. Sigh. Sorry to hear that you broke an arm. Praying a speedy recovery for you.


  13. Oh that so bad to hear you hurt the arm and i wish for quick recovery.
    These are interesting and more beautiful photos from Paris!
    Take care my friend


  14. Your beautiful pictures remind me of my wishes to travel again and capture things I hadn’t dreamed of photographing in the old days of limited film in the camera. May we all be granted the time and opportunity to travel in the future! Wishing you health.


  15. Goodness, I’m sorry to hear this, Fi. What a time to have a break and need surgery. I hope you’re on the mend. Hugs from CO.


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