60 thoughts on “In these times

  1. ABSOLUTELY…. People in our country are going NUTS —hoarding and only thinking of themselves… SO SO SO Sad.

    Stay healthy!!


  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-MEN, Fiona! And I totally agree! You know, your’s is the first post I’ve read these past several days that hasn’t promoted the fear and chaos that our media is promoting. The smartest thing anyone can do right now is don’t watch the news. Be aware of things, yes, but stop adding fuel to the fire.

    Thanks so much for this, my friend. : ) X

    Later this week I will be sharing something similar.


  3. Hello, I am was glad to see the stores limiting how much toilet paper could be purchased. People do not have to hoard. Love your lake pier view! Beautiful.. Take care, have a great week!


  4. I love your toilet tissue comment. One of the team members at Target said that the over-buying of toilet paper is global. Not sure why this is so since diarrhea is not a symptom of the disease. Thanks for all this, the “sharing” part especially!


  5. Totally agree! And check on seniors and people you know with health issues–even an email or text to make sure they are okay. Be kind to each other–yes! Thanks, Fi! 🙂


  6. Hello Lady Fi! this is such a beautiful photo you shared. Here in the Philippines a lock-down has been declared by our President a couple of hours ago. It’s scary but I guess it will help a lot. Praying for you and Sweden, my former student now lives in Sweden with his husband. Wishing you all the best!



  7. uncertain times… your peaceful scene looks like a bridge going into the misty unknown….poetic…


  8. A beautiful photo and the text is just right at this time!
    We in Germany also live in a state of emergency!
    Let us all go through this time with reason and foresight!
    stay healthy
    Warm greetings from Germany

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    1. Yes, it’s about fear. There’s no toilet paper in our stores either as people seem to be bulk buying. But at least no fights over it yet.


  9. Stay healthy and sane! I saw all those crazy videos showing people fighting over toilet rolls. Oh My..let’s be kind and spread love, not virus! Cheers from Jakarta


  10. Lady Fi – the picture fits the sentiment very well. Perhaps we will find a silver lining to all of this – a refocus on what matters most!


  11. The crisis is about invisible things, not only the virus but also love, kindness, and responsibility. There is a positive news; a Japanese drug called Avigan seems to be an effective treatment to COVID-19. I hope many people will be saved until the arrival of vaccine. Take care,

    Yoko alias stardust


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