52 thoughts on “When winter was winter

  1. We have the same situation here –and our winters become less and less ‘wintery’ with each passing year…. I have some gorgeous pictures of when our winters were winter here …. I miss winter so much –and SNOW…..



  2. Except the hot summer we had nearly no autumn and then always the same weather, never frost once 0° in Brussels and now storms and the weeds are coming out. Maybe the North becomes the South and the other way around !


  3. Hell, what a beautiful winter scene. We have not had much snow this winter, is that good or bad? Thanks for hosting. Have a great day and happy week ahead.


  4. You said it, Fiona….when winter was WINTER 🙂 These past few years (especially this year) winter seems like a cooler version of spring. We haven’t had even one snowfall this year. Not a single one 😦

    This photographs is GLORIOUS! I could literally sit here and stare at this image for hours.

    Picture perfect, my friend. Picture perfect!

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty!


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