52 thoughts on “When winter was winter

  1. We have the same situation here –and our winters become less and less ‘wintery’ with each passing year…. I have some gorgeous pictures of when our winters were winter here …. I miss winter so much –and SNOW…..



  2. Love when the nastiness of a windy snow has happened, but what is left behind is a scene like your photo. The beauty of your photo is majestic. Happy Monday


  3. Except the hot summer we had nearly no autumn and then always the same weather, never frost once 0° in Brussels and now storms and the weeds are coming out. Maybe the North becomes the South and the other way around !


  4. Hell, what a beautiful winter scene. We have not had much snow this winter, is that good or bad? Thanks for hosting. Have a great day and happy week ahead.


  5. You said it, Fiona….when winter was WINTER 🙂 These past few years (especially this year) winter seems like a cooler version of spring. We haven’t had even one snowfall this year. Not a single one 😦

    This photographs is GLORIOUS! I could literally sit here and stare at this image for hours.

    Picture perfect, my friend. Picture perfect!

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty!


  6. We decided to spend much or our winter in California and Arizona and with sun and almost 80 degree temps we think it was the right decision. – Margy


  7. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE winter. We had a gloriously sunny day today, which lit up the hoarfrost like diamonds!!! I hope you get some before Spring comes.


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