A touch of heaven

Some mornings just take your breath away —

And make you appreciate how truly gorgeous Nature is.

This is a heron skimming the lake at dawn.

(Only posting once this week!)

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And: Skywatch on Friday.


55 thoughts on “A touch of heaven

  1. Breathtaking capture, Fiona! And yes, it’s mornings like this that really make us appreciate how truly gorgeous Nature is!

    Your photos ALWAYS make me feel that! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the beauty, my friend! Have a lovely week!


  2. You certainly do live in a stunning part of the world – what a way to start your day, water and a beautiful bird. It doesn’t get much better!


  3. Hello, what a gorgeous view and scene. The sky, colors and reflection are lovely. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great week ahead.


  4. Lovely shot as always. If I ever get going I might take some pics of our first snowfall. Way too early for me especially since Oliver was wading in the water on Sunday.


  5. Whenever I think of your lake and all the photos you’ve shared through the years of it, I come away with a deep sense of peace. This sight is awe-inspiring.


  6. Lady Fi – we are indeed blessed by the world we live in, it all its glory. And blessed by your ability to capture it. Right now I am enjoying the gorgeous countryside of your homeland!


  7. Good for the soul to be alone in nature and really see and appreciate the wonders. I worry about people just looking down at their phones! Just looking at your picture on my screen offers a sense of serenity!


  8. Otroligt vacker bild. Du har verkligen fångat den där känslan när älvorna dansar över sjön. Och extra snyggt med fågeln som flyger strax ovanför vattnet. Superfint!!


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