Oh deer!

Dawn’s blush is fading

As I walk in the field of hay bales.

Let’s take a closer look:

How many deer can you see?

And can you see Simmie’s tail?

A couple of the deer

Look very comfortable among the wildflowers.

Later on, some of the rise

And walk away.

One of them is doing the splits!

For more smiles, please go to: Our World.

42 thoughts on “Oh deer!

  1. HA LOVED this post, Fiona! Yes, I definitely see Simmie’s tail behind the bale. And before I scrolled to the bottom, I spotted three deer. So I missed one. Loved the one doing splits. 🙂

    Thanks for the smiles, my friend! Have a superb week!

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  2. Hello, cute photos of the deer. Is Simmie stalking the deer, cute photo of the tail. Enjoy your day and have a happy week ahead!


  3. The deer appear so small in comparison to the hay bales. What wonderful images. Wildlife, wildflowers and ‘wild’ autumn colours. [Helen]


  4. Sleet already? Our Fall is having some cold nights in the 40’s, which seems too cold for me too soon. But the days are beautiful weather. I did see the puppy tail. Love your photos. Thanks for sharing a bit of your world with your photography.


  5. Lady Fi – we have deep grass in the prairie close to the lake, and when you walk there in the morning, you can see the egg-shaped indentations where the deer have slept. Lovely shots!


  6. I bet Simmie was having fits. The deer are coming into my yard every day and evening now – they just wandered through in a herd of 5 as I was making dinner. They come into the neighborhood during hunting season. My gardens have gone to seed so I don’t mind them foraging. You punster you!


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