67 thoughts on “Making a splash

  1. “It’s the best time of year, don’t you think?”

    Yes….absolutely! I love September because it’s almost the beginning of my favorite season….AUTUMN 🙂 And it’s funny because you can sorta feel Autumn easing itself in here, and I love it.

    Glorious photographs, Fiona! That one of the geese is STUNNING!

    Thanks again for sharing the beauty, my friend! Have a lovely week!


  2. September is one of my favourite months too. The humid heat has usually left way to beautiful light and perfect temperatures. Two lovely examples of September lighting!


  3. Hello, love the first image. I remember those wet dog times, fun times. Happy Monday, wishing you a great day and happy new week!


  4. It’s certainly one of the best times of year. The only thing I hold against September is that the holiday season starts soon after and I begin to wonder if my car will make it through another WI winter. Beautiful photo and words as always. Nothing like a wet dog to let you know you’re living life.


  5. September is rather fabulous over here too as we merge out of winter and into spring and the wildflowers start to pop


  6. It is a wonderful month, and those are lovely photos. Thanks for asking about me on my blog – I’m fine, I’m just taking a break from blogging due to lack of time and family issues.

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  7. Sure looks like it where you are. I thought so here too, until it started raining a couple of days ago and hasn’t stopped. (We need rain, but it’s toooo early!j


  8. “Silvery grey with no sky” is the loveliest description I’ve ever read of the kind of winter days we often have here in western Oregon. I shall try to think of them in that way from now on . (Although I still plan to be in blue sky Florida for a great part of Winter for as long as possible )).)


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