Stone lace

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton (England) is a famous landmark.

Building started in 1778 and was finished in 1823 –

And the entire building was a seaside retreat for Prince George.

(And what a fabulous home it was for him! The interiors are exquisite.)

The outside of Bath stone is all stone lace, minarets and domes,

(Very much influenced by India).

Well worth a visit!

For more amazing architecture, please visit: Our World.

46 thoughts on “Stone lace

  1. “…Very much influenced by India.” Yes, Fiona, that’s exactly what I thought when I viewed these STUNNING images! They reminded me of the movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” I LOVED that film. Great story! Great cast!

    Thanks for sharing the beauty, my friend!

    Have a superb week! 🙂


  2. I have some beautiful photo’s of this building too…It is very photogenic 🙂 only been inside once back in the 80’s but visited Brighton as recently as 2014. Love your pics!


  3. I’ve been past the Pavilion on a previous trip to England but I wasn’t the driver so could not stop…. but thanks for the pictures, it’s a marvellous building, and I’d love to see it in person. Next time.


  4. Lady Fi – “stone lace” is a perfect and pull-me-in description! Well done. Can you imagine such a structure being built today? And for “one person”?


  5. So cool, the oldest buildings around here might be from the Civil War, actually one I saw today was but it was in pieces and the opposite of opulent. It would be funny to hear your pooches tap, tap, tapping around what I imagine are stone floors in the pavilion.


  6. We visited Bath! What great memories …. it’s fun to see a place we’ve visited here through your eyes! Usually I just wish I could visit the wonders you see ….this time, I only wish I could see it again ))


  7. I admire this rich and beautifully decorated architecture. I like such places. Visiting them always gives me great pleasure. I am also happy to learn about stories and legends related to a given place.


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