All the colours of the rainbow

It has been a cold and wet July so far. So, I’m looking back to a trip I took a few years ago to Burano, about 45 minutes north of Venice by boat.

You probably recognize Burano and all its

Delightfully painted and colourful houses.

No two houses are the same colour.

It is said that the fishermen started painting their houses

So they could see them through the fog.

I’m glad they did!

I mean – look! Even the washing is a work of art!

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59 thoughts on “All the colours of the rainbow

  1. I love colors… That is gorgeous. Reminds me a litle of Rainbow Row in Charleston —with all of their colorful houses.



  2. Hello, what a beautiful and colorful place. Lovely series of photos. Enjoy your day and I wish you a happy new week!


  3. OMG Fiona, the colors you capture are STUNNING! These pictures put a huge smile on face because of how bright and festive they look 🙂

    I LOVE the laundry hanging out on the clothes line because it adds not only so much more color, but also a wonderful “look and feel” to that area.

    One of these days when I finally visit Italy, I need to go Burano!

    Thanks so much for sharing, my friend. And have a super week!

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  4. gorgeous!!! i LOVE all the colors but i’m not sure i could live so close to others. i like having a yard!!!


  5. Well, they should be able to pick out their houses through even the thickest fog! An amazing sight to see.


  6. Beautiful photos!
    I hope it warms up for you. We have been hot and humid. Our gardens are happy, growing, growing and growing. I am happy about that.
    Love, Carla

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  7. I think washing your clothes and hanging them on the line is indeed a lost art. Makes sense and I’m glad they did as well, the more color in the world the better.


  8. Went to Burano by boat. Yes, aside from the colorful homes …. memories. Thanks for sharing. The city is known for the best lace in the world. Elton John ordered his laces for his wedding from this place. Great fish rissotto.


  9. ·.
    I see that the houses have been repainted with bright and cheerful colors. Maybe too strong. When I was there, their colors were more ‘natural’. They had the patina of time that, in my opinion, gave the people a more authentic beauty.
    A hug Fi

    LMA · & · CR


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