Summer solstice

Midsummer and the solstice fall at the same time in Sweden.

Days are long and light —

People wear flowers in their hair

As they dance around the midsummer pole

To celebrate the fleeting warmth and sun

Called midsummer.

(Away filming this week, so may not get around to visiting you all.)

For more solstice beauty, please visit: Our World and also Skywatch.

55 thoughts on “Summer solstice

  1. Happy Summer to you!!!!! We have been lucky so far this year since June hasn’t been too hot… BUT–they say July will be back to Summertime HEAT… Fun Fun……


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  2. Fiona, I love seeing how others celebrate the different seasons and holidays throughout the world!

    What gorgeous images!

    Those flowers in her hair are stunning!

    Have a great week, my friend.

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  3. Always love to see flowers in people’s hair. The last I saw them worn was by a little bridesmaid who systematically and quietly ripped out all the roses in hers and shredded them. I was sitting a few rows behind, mother didn’t realize until deed was done right in the middle of the wedding ceremony ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Lovely images. The Midsummer celebration sounds like fun. Lovely your sunset, furbaby and the flowers. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!


  5. Things are blooming here too but I miss some of the early bloomers like Bleeding Hearts. After the weather that’s coming up it’s going to look like a jungle up in here.


  6. Hello Friend,
    I helped make flower crowns for a Midsummer Festival at our local museum this past Saturday. It was the first time they held the event. We had a fantastic turn out.
    As always, love your photos.


  7. Wearing flowers in the hair at summer solstice, it’s a lovely tradition. The lady reminded me of the nymph of Midsummer Nightโ€™s Dream. Happy summer!


  8. Love both of these pictures, but especially the one of the lady with flowers in her hair. Artfully done! Yes, summer is flying away, as it usually does!


  9. there is something about summer that makes it the perfect time to wear flowers in your hair!! nice captures!!!


  10. “People wear flowers in their hair …”, I like the thought and the photo.
    And coincidence or not, speaking of flowers in the hair while I am doing my blogging, “Woodstock” plays here in the blu-ray player.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  11. Hello lady fi,
    your first picture of the sky is really beautiful!
    I love these skies.
    Your last photo is unique and very beautiful.
    The solstice gives beautiful images.


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