63 thoughts on “As life floats by

  1. Love it…. Ruby would stay there for hours…. Reminded me of my son’s cat… Majesty sits on the window box (inside) gazing out at all of the birds who visit the feeders on their deck… She can sit there for HOURS… ha


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  2. Lovely, the lake and the ducks!

    Just a few minutes ago, I popped out to our lake and saw mother duck with her ducklings at water’s edge. She didn’t flinch because she trusts me not to disturb her wee ones.

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  3. Ruby was in a contemplative mood. That’s kind of like my walks often end up — I start out thinking ‘exercise’ and end up stopping for long periods of time just to look (I suspect that Ruby’s thoughts may be deeper and more productive than mine).

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  4. What a wonderful moment captured, Fiona! Love the look on Ruby’s adorable face 🙂 She’s so intent on watching those ducks closely.

    Beautiful photographs! So looking forward to seeing Spring as it blossoms in your area of the world.

    Have a fantastic week, my friend!

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  5. They DO know they’re being watched. That side-on position is the way ducks look at you; they have very little straight-ahead vision. Sometimes it’s best to just sit and watch the world go by; in fact, with the crazy carnival of news that we have these days, it’s the only way to preserve your sanity.

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  6. Sitting fur awhile. Now that’s my type of ‘bird dog exercise’. No better way or place to flex the conscience than by the waters edge.

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      1. A couple of little profound bees. Now we just have to pollinate all the flowers of thought.


  7. Has she ever swum out into the lake and chased the ducks, hoping for a duck dinner? Or perhaps just because chasing ducks is huge fun? My golden retriever Wendy loved to chase anything that was out on the water, including Canada geese.

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