68 thoughts on “Pillows of light

  1. A little bit of a sexy goth sky……What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun……..but thy maid shall soon be the moon obscured by billowing clouds of a midsummer night’s dream…me thinks, me hopes, I dream.

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      1. What can I say, but, ‘aye, your eye inspires me to twist, dance and bellow out uncontrollably”. Once a muse, always amused. You do this old earth a great service by taking us by the hand to view the bliss. Sorry I don’t get here more often, but I think you know I got your back in regards to what visually and creatively turns your crank. I admire the easy in which you pass through. You see the simplicity beyond, when others only see curtains. And I sincerely mean all that.


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