52 thoughts on “N-ice spring

  1. I also love winter–both fall and winter–as times of contemplation. They are more quiet and peaceful to me. Must be the long nights. 😉


  2. “But I like winter as it gives time for contemplation.”

    Yes, I agree, Fiona. Which is one of the main reasons I cherish the season of winter. I actually feel more alive and creative in winter, but at the same time, calm and contemplative.

    STUNNING shots! Love the sky in that first one. Bellissima!

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend! 🙂


  3. The Goldens love every season. We are vacillating with some warmer temps, too, but snow still in the forecast. The lake is beautiful as the snow melts.


  4. Your insight; oh so a-cute. Your photographs, proof, one doesn’t have to look deep into the universe to reveal the mysteries. One simply has to stand in one place -breath, see and express it. A golden triangle – I applaud the artistry.

    Good shtufffs!!!


  5. Hi Lady Fi, Excellent pics as always. I love this … “I like winter as it gives time for contemplation” … I could not have said it better. Have a happy weekend! John


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