Seas the day

Winter is drawing to a close — aboat time, we say! —

But there will still probably be a few more very cold days.

Boats can be fun in the winter, says Ruby,

Do you agree with her or knot?

The days are getting longer, so we should be having moor light.

Life, like Ruby on a boat, is a balancing act.

(Oh buoy! Sorry about the really bad puns.)

For better puns and shots, please go to: Our World.

57 thoughts on “Seas the day

  1. HA! LOVE your puns, Fiona 🙂

    Stunning captures! Having not had a snowy/cold winter this year here on the Northeast coast of the US, it’s been such a delight to experience a real winter through your photos.

    Spring is slowly showing itself, yet I have a feeling we’ll be getting some colder weather days through the end of this month and April.

    Have a super week, my friend!


  2. Ruby has incredibly good balance on that rowboat, I can hear her nails clambering up there. You have a lot of snow still, we have only snow around the edges threatening to melt and flood.


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