Wonderful springter

We’re having a wonderful winter this spring!

The local pre-schoolers have a great collection of snowballs.

Horizontal snow doesn’t stop

The dogs from enjoying the weather;

And the snow makes golden fur pop!

I’m away for three days in Zwolle, Holland this week for filming, so won’t be around to comment on your blogs. Unfortunately, the weather forecast is for heavy rain so I may not be able to get any good shots of the city (in my free time).

For more spring or autumn, please go to: Our World.

39 thoughts on “Wonderful springter

  1. Hi, Love seeing your posts. Your dogs love winter as much as I do –especially the SNOW. Yet–we have had almost NO snow this year… Sad ME…. Hope you get some good shots in Holland. Enjoy.


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  2. Such a beautiful subject to focus on! I am glad you said pups…I was wondering if I had missed something since I had not seen the two of them together in a while.

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  3. “We’re having a wonderful winter this spring!”

    HA! Loved that, Fiona! Everyone here thinks that just because it’s March, summer is tomorrow. Yet, March and April can be very cold (bringing snow). In fact, last year we had a blizzard mid-April.

    Glorious photos! Love the snowballs!

    Have a great time in Holland, my friend. See ya’ when you return!

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  4. Love the photo on Our World Tuesday page…and as always, the beautiful fur pup photos. We’re hopefully all done with our snow, it is warming some, but I’m sure we’ll have one more blast, and maybe some snowball fun. 🙂

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