Frosted skies

I was going to mention that a lot of our snow has melted away after a warm spell.

But that is what I call springter – a mix of winter and spring.

After a week of freezing temperatures again,

We woke up to new snow and frosted skies.

After all, it’s only the beginning of March!

I’ve got a horrible cold and I’ll be away filming again, so will only be posting once this week.

For more amazing scenes, please visit: Our World.

And Skywatch on Friday.

74 thoughts on “Frosted skies

  1. Well, I can finally say I have more snow than you! We got about 3 feet over the weekend. I can no longer look from my kitchen window into the forest because of snowbanks. Bob has been plowing, shoveling, raking nonstop. But – I do love your beautiful frosty landscapes. I hope your cold responds to some vitamin C and green tea! PS Manuka Honey is our favorite family remedy.


  2. I hope your cold flies away and your filming works splendidly! It’s easy to guess what “spingter” means. 🙂


  3. “…springter – a mix of winter and spring.”

    HA! Love that, Fiona! And we’re having the same kind of weather – winterlike, then springlike.

    Beautiful photographs! 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon, my friend. Take care. Be well.


  4. Get Well Soon my friend!
    Beautiful photos! And cold, cold here in Wisconsin. We have negative temps all week and negative windchill.
    I was brave and went out snowshoeing anyway. 😉 It was nice in the woods.


  5. Well that stinks. I’m just getting over some lousy thing myself and there is no way I could go to work, especially outside filming. I don’t really look out the window anymore but my phone keeps telling me the temperature. Love the speeding pup. Channeling The Flash?


  6. I must admit that I am fed up of snow, snow pictures, all I want to see is green !! We too had 10 days of spring weather and now we are back to cold, but no snow the UK sent us the storm Freya instead ! Nothing damaged in our area !


  7. Lady Fi – hope you feel better soon. Both my hubby and I have been through a week’s worth (two separate weeks) of heavy congestion – not fun! I love the last photo with the little red hut. Safe travels to you!


  8. really like the title, and i really love the snow!! it is so beautiful, your images are amazing!!

    good luck with your cold, we have hosted several this winter and they hung around like an unwelcome houseguest!!! hehehehe


  9. Having been away in Canada for 3 months I’ve not done any blogging until today. I have SO missed your wonderful photography! Hope your cold disappears soon and that you will be once again firing on all cylinders! Blessings


  10. Looking forward to some warmer weather and getting rid of some of this snow that is piled up everywhere. Lovely pictures. Lovely sky. Lovely dog!


  11. Nice shots – I really love these times of year when we dont really know what season it is. I think summer has gone here, but I am not 100% sure!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


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