We’ve had about 75 cm of snow – that’s about 2.5 feet! –

In the past couple of days.

It covers the lake like a warm, white blanket;

And the freezing fog shrouds

The ice-covered trees.

The landscape too rests –

Just like nature herself.

For more natural beauty, please visit: Our World.

57 thoughts on “Snowcapades!

  1. That looks so beautiful and peaceful. I’d love to see a big snowstorm here – luckily our mountains are getting snowed on, even if we’re not.


  2. Lady Fi – always a joy to find someone who likes snow! “The landscape rests.” Love that. In Montana, the winter precipitation is SO important for all plant life since we get so little rain in the summer!!!


  3. Beautiful winter scenery! What part of Sweden are you in? I’m in Ontario Canada. We had two major snow storms last week that brought us a lot of snow but yesterday we had a record high temp of 12C so some of it has melted. #OurWorldTuesday.


  4. Being a winter-lover, these photographs left me breathless!

    Phenomenal images, Fiona! 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty.

    Have a lovely week, my friend!


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