Winter symphony

As you may have noticed, I’ve changed the look of my blog because WordPress has stopped supporting my previous theme. Change is good, right?

It’s finally getting cold, very cold!

And nature is a symphony of small rainbow discs

And treacle-coloured light

That is warm and cold at the same time.

The dogs love the cold,

Which is just as well,

And there is time for both fun

And contemplation in the snow.

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62 thoughts on “Winter symphony

  1. For just a minute, I thought I was in the wrong place, but I figured it out! They do say change is good for aging brains … and if true, based on all the changes the Internet foists on us, we all ought to be aging backwards. Anyway, I like your new look and the dogs as always! And the way you let me experience winter virtually, while sitting in the sunshine ! Thank you!


  2. It looks the same in the reader. But I stepped out and checked your blog on the Internet. You have chosen a theme created with photography in mind. It is like a huge wall of murals with information tucked into the edges or crevices not easily decipherable. Your posts though have the usual glint of honey and gold.


  3. You caught the light on the crystals! Wow! You can see in your pictures how much the dogs love the snow. 🙂


  4. Dogs always seem to love to frolic in the snow. My cats look at it like it is strange and to be avoided. Of course, my cats have an indoor life for their health and safety and a catio to lounge in on good days.


  5. What a fun new format. Changing my blog format would be like pulling teeth for me – not something I’d enjoy! Don’t you love the different lighting in winter? Mesmerizing shots!


  6. The dogs always gave me this, “Do you have any idea how cold it is when you make us sit like this in the snow?” look, They must really love you. I’ve hardly seen happier pups. Lovely light behind the trees.


  7. Yes, Fiona, I immediately noticed the change of theme and love it! You’re right, change IS good. Back when I first started blogging (in 2007) I changed my blog theme at least twice a year; sometimes even more. Now I change it maybe once every couple of years. It always feels so fresh!

    “It’s finally getting cold, very cold!”

    Same here. Finally. Today it was freezing, and I loved it. I’m hoping for some snow soon too 🙂

    Gorgeous photographs! Love the lighting you captured in the second one, it’s STUNNING!

    Your dogs are ADORABLE! Such sweet faces

    Have a super week, my friend!


  8. Lady Fi – well done to adjust to change with such aplomb. Your wonderful models are as adorable as always – I am not sure if it is the format change or something you have changed about your photography, but they seem more up close and personal. Have a great week!


  9. It took a while to figure out what was going on with your site. Seems unfair they would stop supporting something they encouraged you to use but such is life. In some cases, borders can be changed and the size of photos can appear as they once did. But there’s a very nice feeling of freshness here. 🙂


  10. You have beautiful winter in your place. We had a little bit of snow today.
    I like the new template of your blog. Very pretty.
    Thank you for hosting Our World Tuesday.


  11. i had some “difficulty” getting here, finding your most recent post!! adorable pups, they surely look like a handful (in a good way)!!


  12. Change can be good but as we age we are more reluctant to go with it. Initially I was disappointed with the new style, but now I enjoy seeing a glimpse of past posts and their beauty. Today’s scenes are magical.The sun streamig through the trees is awesome. I want to run with the dogs.


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