55 thoughts on “Winter light

  1. I would have said greys until I saw your intense honey light. Gorgeous as always. It threatened single digits here but bounced back up to 0˚ C and no snow. It has been cold enough for the crazy ice fisherman to build their yearly community out on the ice. I’d love to see how they congregate over by you.

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  2. “A fanfare of honey light.”

    I’m with you, Fiona! That’s my favorite winter light as well 🙂 OMG…that photograph is STUNNING! But so are the others. LOVE the heart!

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of winter, my friend! Have a grrrreat week!

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  3. I love the way you see and say the things. Stirs my eyes to linger longer and wait for the whispers, too.
    It seems like the sky takes center stage here in the Winter, once all of the flowers are quiet. Always changing, like the sea.
    Grateful for your sky-seeing shares,

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  4. Wow ! winter moved in and snow ! Here it’s still rather “warm” and rainy. When I think that I had 30° in Stockholm this summer !
    BTW the Parisian haven’t changed they are still arrogant and unfriendly you can meet them in other countries and you will recognize them immediately. And I have Parisian friends, sometimes I think they have double personalities, lol ! The city of course is beautiful. (without them)

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