Little green sauna house

There ‘s a little green sauna house

Hiding behind the snowy reeds.


And there’s a small beach where the boats

Rest during winter – just as nature does.

They make a good pedestal for Ruby.


The floating sauna house looks

Pretty in the snow.

(I only wish I could use it too, but it belongs to the local camping site!)

I’m busy this week so will only be posting once.


For more pops of colour, please visit: Our World and later on, Skywatch.

70 thoughts on “Little green sauna house

  1. The sauna house looks so inviting — and would definitely make snowy days more bearable for me. Thank you as always for hosting OW — I get a kick out of the short comments you make on the linkup page — hope you get your Holiday shopping all done — don’t panic, it always comes together (easy for me to say, as we no longer responsible for anyone’s good day — but I do remember being at your stage!) Happy Holidays!!!


  2. Stunning images, Fiona! They’re a work of Winter Art! I love how the branches of the trees and the reeds are coated in white. It’s simply beautiful!

    Ruby is sooooooooo cute!

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of one of my favorite seasons, my friend!

    And have a great week! 🙂


  3. It is very pretty in the snow. I can hear her toenails sliding on the snow and metal. Don’t you love dogs even more (if that’s possible) in the winter? Hi Ruby!


  4. I enjoyed every photo instant, Fiona and of course your words that made me think of “Rest during winter – just as nature does.” 🙂 wonderfully said, indeed… we need some rest as this calm nature invite us during these days of winter… So, let’s have a lovely and peaceful Christmas time! Happy Winter Holidays!


  5. Lady Fi – we saw similar sauna houses in Norway. I must learn how this became so popular in these countries. The cold weather? Have a Merry Christmas!


    1. They’re popular all over Scandinavia and Russia in winter. You sit in the heat and then jump into an ice cold lake. When the lakes are frozen, you cut a hole so that you can get into the water. I personally don’t do this, but the majority of people do!


  6. Hello, love the cute green sauna house. Your dog is beautiful too. Lovely images. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I wish you all the best in 2019, Happy New Year!


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