Winter grey

By popular request, I went out to take some pictures of our grey winter.

From the little beach, I noticed how the boats match the frosted roof

Of the floating sauna house.


The view across the lake is soothing.

(Can you see how the ice is starting to form?)


No visit to the ‘beach’ is complete

Without an obligatory dog photo!

(Ruby at the back; Simmie at the front.)


For more soothing shots, please visit: Our World.

67 thoughts on “Winter grey

  1. Ruby and Simmie are beautiful, and so are you, Fi. — You really have “the best of the season” there! — Kay


  2. There’s something in there those two want, lol. I love the thin ice pics, especially the way it kidnaps the buoys. Your Our World photo looks so much like the shore we were looking at yesterday on our Sunday drive. The ice just forming but plenty of open lake behind it.


  3. Thank you, Fiona! These photos of your grey winter are GORGEOUS! You see, THIS is what I mean about the beauty of winter. I find winter, with it’s grey skies, cold air, barren trees, and overall stillness, an exquisite piece of art from nature.

    Thanks again, my friend. REALLY enjoyed! 🙂

    Have a great week!


    1. So glad you enjoyed the shots. I love winter – but especially with snow. I like the fact that nature rests, waiting to burst forth again in the spring.


  4. I love the colours in these pictures. Wonderful. The walk took 6 days and nights.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


  5. Beautiful colours. What I’ve noticed about certain countries is that they have brightly coloured buildings (the green sauna house) and other colours (the red boat) to brighten grey days. All very lovely.


  6. Hi Lady Fi, Always love your photos! In this post I am so fascinated by the little green cabin on the water’s edge. What a wonderful spot! I would love to spend a lot of time there! John


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