The English countryside

When I was in England recently, I went on a long walk

Along the banks of the river that snaked like a silver ribbon

Through the Sussex countryside.


It was a hazy, warm day.

Bramber castle and adjoining Norman church

Lay nestled in an autumn tinged valley.


One of the bushes next to the river

Was humming with bright yellowhammers.

(If you look in the centre of the shot, you’ll see their bright yellow wings.)


And, of course, no trip to Sussex is complete

Without a picture of the sheep grazing on the Downs.


For more country or city shots, please visit: Our World Tuesday.

62 thoughts on “The English countryside

  1. Oh…my, my, my…these images literally took my breath away! Fiona, these are exquisite!

    I would love to take a walk through the Sussex countryside as well! You really know how to capture the essence (the “feeling”) of the images you photograph.

    I love the misty/foggy air. And yes, I spotted the yellowhammer! 🙂

    Once again, my friend, thank you for sharing the beauty always surrounds you.

    Have a lovely week!

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  2. The photos of going on a walk in the English countryside always make me homesick for the lovely country I grew up in. I was in Suffolk this summer….. beautiful! But a bit flat compared to my home in North Devon! I missed the hills.

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  3. Bird spotted. We are making plans for a UK visit next year. The decision to be made was hike in Sussex or the Wye Valley. The latter has been chosen but these images tell me another visit will have to be organised.

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